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The UK is a nation of animal lovers with an estimated 1 in 3 households having pets.  A question for many pet owners is what to do with their pets when they are on holiday; and a question for hosts is do you allow pets in your home?


Of course its personal preference, but our answer would be yes, as there are some serious benefits to allowing your guests to bring their pets.


  1. Increase your bookings

The majority of hosts don’t accept pets so allowing them automatically opens you up to a much larger number of potential guests.


  1. You get more money

Clearly pets don’t get to stay completely free.  Pet owners are generally aware that they will have to pay a bit extra but providing you don’t charge them more than the cost of kennelling then you’re on to a winner.  You can split dogs into small, medium and large and charge them accordingly e.g. £5, £10 and £15 per night.


  1. You get more off-peak bookings

Certain places will prohibit animals during busy summer periods. This means that dog owners in particular enjoy breaks from autumn – spring, giving you greater bookings around the year

Of course, you must make sure that your home is suitable for pets but if you can welcome them into your home then you should see increased occupancy, and an increased nightly rate, and you might even get a lick to say thank you too…

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