T: 0207 199 6610     E: info@guardhog.com
T: 0207 199 6610     E: info@guardhog.com

Coordinating key exchanges with guests can be one of the most difficult parts of hosting. This is why GUARDHOG has partnered with KeyNest, whose network of key exchange locations allow Airbnb hosts to deposit keys for guests to collect, without invalidating your insurance. KeyNest is fully approved by GUARDHOG as a secure solution for exchanging keys with guests.

What is KeyNest?

KeyNest is a network of café and local shops where keys are securely stored so your Airbnb guests can collect them whenever is convenient for them. Our locations are hand-picked to ensure a 5-star welcoming experience.

Is the service safe?

KeyNest uses contactless NFC fobs to track all keys while also keeping them anonymous. Keys can only be collected by your guests using a valid 6-digit code, and the host automatically receives immediate notifications. You will never be asked to provide your full address. Just drop the key in one of our stores, and we will do the rest.

How do I drop off the keys for the first time?

Sign up here, then can add a key in the “My Keys” section. You will receive a registration code with which you can drop off your keys in any KeyNest location. The staff will attach a KeyNest fob to your keyset that will enable you to track drop-offs and collection in real time via email notification or by logging in to our secure website.

How does the key collection work?

To collect a set of keys, simply book a collection code online by selecting the store on our locations page. Then just forward that code to the person collecting the keys.

Who can collect the keys? Who can drop them off?

Anyone with whom you share your single-use collection code can collect the keys, making it ideal for Airbnb guests, cleaners, maintenance, or just friends. If your keys already have our fob attached, anyone can drop off your keys in our KeyNest locations. Our free tracking service will always notify you whenever your keys are collected or dropped off.


If you have any question or simply you would like to receive further information, please visit our website www.keynest.com, send us an email at support@keynest.co.uk or call us at 02036334599.

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