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10 ways to go the extra mile for your guests

  1. Provide a free breakfast – leave out some cereal and croissants, and make sure the fridge is stocked with fresh orange juice and plenty of milk for tea and coffee.
  2. Prepare for rain – leave out a pack of cards, some board games and a well-stocked book shelf, in case of the inevitable rainy day.
  3. Be kid-friendly – if you know that kids are staying, fill a treasure chest with colouring pads and pencils, children’s books and toys.
  4. Be adult friendly…bottle of wine.
  5. Leave miniature soaps and shampoos in the bathroom.
  6. Put out fresh flowers, they brighten up a home and make it smell great.
  7. Be like a hotel, pillow mints and chocolates are always a winner.
  8. Equally if you can provide bathrobes and slippers your guests will be mad not to give you a great review.
  9. Give personal recommendations – as well as a guidebook, leave a map of the area with your favourite restaurants, bars, shops and sightseeing spots circled.
  10. Go that extra mile – if you live near a beach, you could provide guests with beach towels, a parasol and an inflatable crocodile. If you live in central London, several topped-up Oyster Cards and a handful of umbrellas would probably be more useful (but you never know when an inflatable crocodile might come in handy…)
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