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Why it pays off to use a property management company

GuestReady is a global short-term rental management company, which provides professional services to property investors, homeowners and Airbnb hosts in London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. GUARDHOG is pleased to welcome GuestReady’s thoughts on the financial advantages of using a property manager.

Life is always busy. With work, play, and family and friend commitments, there’s little time for another job: like managing an Airbnb property. And, that is what it really is, another job – it can often be full-time too. Who has the hours in the day?


Airbnb management: a full-time job

Airbnb, it’s a fabulous way to increase your income but it does take work if you want to do it right. If you are really committed to making money with your property then you have to put in the hard yards, or hours, just like any other job. It already starts before you even welcome your first guests: there’s your listing’s presentation that should include a well-executed list of tasks such as compelling photos, creating a captivating write-up about the listing, and coming up with an attention-grabbing headline – and that’s just the beginning.

Continuing, (potential) guest enquiries need to be answered, check-in arrangements need to be made and reviews need to be written. Then, there’s the cleaning, washing, laundry and turnarounds. And, that’s not even including the marketing side of things. Will you engage writers or bloggers? How will you be seen and create a buzz?

As you can see, it takes effort to do it everything right.


There’s help

Luckily, Airbnb management services are here to help you take the hassle out of hosting. By taking tasks such as guest check-ins, cleaning and laundry out of your hands, services like these help you free up loads of time. And because they usually have managed hundreds of properties before, they know the tricks of the trade and are able to deliver satisfactory guest experiences, resulting in raving reviews and a possible ‘superhost’ status.

Using a management service means you have your time back to do what’s important; while the company just runs the tasks for you. Yes, you pay for this privilege, but you’ll be highly likely to make up the loss (and more) by getting more clients that are paying a higher rate in the end.


Why it pays off

Even with the fee charged by a management company, utilising a reputable Airbnb management service like GuestReady can help increase rental income significantly. With years of experience, they are able to take care of price optimization – ensuring your listing is priced correctly to get the best possible returns from a vacation rental property. Thanks to a smart back-end and a team that is focused on staying ahead of current price trends and events, this means you are getting the maximum profit on your investment.


The real cost?

Most Airbnb management services charge a certain percentage of your Airbnb income, which usually floats between 12% – 20%, depending on the level of service. Some companies, like GuestReady are able to pay a fixed monthly income while taking care of the whole hosting process. So what are you waiting for?

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