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Boats, the sharing economy – and the importance of insurance

sharing boat insurance

Boataffair connects quality boats with the right person. We’re pleased to welcome Adrian Walker, CEO and founder of this boutique peer-to-peer boat sharing platform, to talk about how he met GUARDHOG and the importance of insurance when you’re sharing boats…

It can be time consuming to navigate the ‘murky waters’ of insurance. And for Boataffair, this also involved conversations with many traditional insurance providers to find the right product for my platform and my clients.

Discovering GUARDHOG was an eye opener when it came to seeing how easy insurance can be when organised by a specialist in insurance for the sharing economy.

One week before I met with Humphrey, GUARDHOG CEO, I was in the South of France having a conversation with a lovely British couple, who live on a narrow house boat on the canal in the UK. Passionate boaters themselves, they love their boat and this exciting lifestyle so much, that two years ago they decided to take the plunge and live on the boat permanently.

When I told them about Boataffair, one of the first questions they asked me was “how can we make sure, that if we do rent our beloved boat out, it will be insured against any possible damage? Because you know, stuff happens…”.

We discussed various insurance schemes from the steep learning curve I had from my numerous conversations with numerous traditional insurance providers. However, the best answer and simplest solution I gave them was after my meeting with GUARDHOG the following week.

Humphrey explained that they do not only provide cover for the hosts – many of his clients are Airbnb hosts – they also make it as easy as possible. They have a calendar function integrated in such a way that the hosts are automatically insured for the days their property is rented out. But, even better, GUARDHOG also offers worldwide cover for platforms, that want to opt to automatically insure all their registered users.

So, what does this discovery mean for us at Boataffair? For boat owners on our boutique platform who wish to list their house boat, GUARDHOG is an immediate and obvious choice for Boataffair. That is, guests come to stay on the boat as they would in a house or an apartment. We are delighted to partner up with them and offer our GUARDHOG house boat owners insurance scheme.

We are excited to keep our conversation with the GUARDHOG team going to brainstorm new insurance products and services for our Boataffair boutique platform.

At Boataffair we connect quality boats with the right person. Quality and trust are our fundamental values, and insurance is very central to that. We’re continuing our work together with GUARDHOG and are very excited about what the future will bring. Watch this space…

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