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September 12, 2017

Why it pays off to use a property management company

GuestReady is a global short-term rental management company, which provides professional services to property investors, homeowners and Airbnb hosts in London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong. GUARDHOG is pleased to welcome GuestReady’s thoughts on the financial advantages of using a property manager. Life is always busy. With work, play, and family and friend commitments, there’s...
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August 29, 2017

Trust and the sharing economy: ID verification vs ratings and reviews

Deemly is a reputation and social verification tool for peer-to-peer marketplaces and sharing economy businesses that enables users to transfer their reputation across the web. GUARDHOG is delighted that Sara Green Brodersen, CEO and co-founder, is sharing her ‘trusttech’ insights with us.   Sara, what does ID verification mean for the sharing economy? It sounds complicated but it’s...
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August 7, 2017

Airbnb and your vacant property – why a property manager makes sense

Raj Patel is co-founder of My Property Host, a property management company handling all aspects of letting property on Airbnb and other short-term rental sites. GUARDHOG is delighted that Raj is sharing his advice about the importance of using a property manager if your short-term let is vacant…   Managing empty properties In just nine years...
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July 25, 2017

Festival time: the importance of insurance for Edinburgh homeowners

It’s nearly Festival time in Edinburgh, which means the already busy city will soon become a buzzing international destination. And this year, the accommodation options for Festival and Fringe spectators and performers have never been more varied. Because as well as the traditional hotels and hostels, there is today’s growing trend for home-sharing. With over...
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July 13, 2017

Trusttech interviews Insurtech – Innovator meets innovator in the sharing economy

Deemly, the Copenhagen-based trusttech innovator interviews Guardhog, the London-based insurtech innovator. Top Hog at Guardhog Humphrey Bowles, shares with Deemly the need for an insurance solution specifically designed for the sharing economy. And he talks about the pain points that Guardhog’s flagship insurtech product Hostcover solves for peer-to-peer home-sharing platforms, and the users of these...
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June 29, 2017

The importance of insurance in the sharing economy

Samantha Lingham is the founder of Share Our Style, the first sharing economy platform for sharing designer handbags with a ‘borrow don’t buy’ focus. GUARDHOG is delighted that Sam is sharing her tips about insurance with us from the point of view of platform entrepreneur. Stuff sharing is a growing phenomenon… and one that fits perfectly with...
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June 14, 2017

To share or not to share – a risk vs reward assessment

Airbnb, HomeAway, Homestay, TrustedHousesitters… just some of the homesharing platforms revolutionising the accommodation industry. Are you ready to join the sharing economy juggernaut and unleash your inner hotelier? The Rewards The rewards are plain to see. You can: … reduce the cost of a great holiday, avoid spending money on “pet care” when you are...
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May 31, 2017

Why writing a good ‘bad’ review can help everyone

  As a host, I’ve always found writing a bad review about a guest difficult – and something that I’ve avoided. Jennifer Wirth is one of GUARDHOG’s first hosts and so when I asked her some advice we got chatting about those dreaded negative reviews. She convinced me that the worst thing to do is nothing, especially...
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May 22, 2017

Your questions about IPT, GUARDHOG and trust… answered

We recently sat round the table at GUARDHOG HQ to discuss how we deal with the Chancellor’s decision to raise insurance premium tax (IPT) by 20% from June 1st 2017. It wasn’t an easy meeting. But GUARDHOG is all about trying to be better – and we think that this means being different. But we’re...
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May 15, 2017

Understand Insurance Premium Tax in 5 quick steps

Incoming Piggy Traffic? Itchy Pig’s Trotter? Impolite Pig Treatment? Sadly IPT has nothing to do with our favourite subject (pigs), and everything to do with our least favourite (tax). But what exactly is it? Read on, and in five steps, you’ll be an expert…   So IPT is a tax – on what, exactly? Insurance...
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