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So, you’re on Airbnb. You’ve spent time and money on your property photos and description – and it’s looking good. But have you thought about your own profile? It’s just as important, so before you give yourself the green light to become a host, make sure you follow GUARDOG’s top five tips for creating an awesome Airbnb profile.


Smile please

This isn’t Tinder, but that’s not to say you don’t need to pay attention to your profile photograph: it says a lot about you. Make sure you don’t get a really slick professional photo done as that will make you look unapproachable. Instead, smile, include anyone who hosts with you – and go for a plain background as laundry on the radiator behind will give the impression of a messy household.


Video star

Even better – you’ve got the opportunity to show your potential guests what a great host you will be by filming a 30-second video. Airbnb recommends that you start with your first name and where you’re from, and then describe your interests, as well as a fun fact about yourself, or why you love Airbnb.


All about you

Your description could make or break your booking – and your Superhost status. Sell yourself: what do friends and family like about you? Describe your interests, why you like hosting – anything that would make potential guests think, “This looks like a great place to stay”. Can you speak ten languages? Do you know all the best coffee shops in the area? Now’s the chance to tell everyone.


Get in touch

Remember that email address you set up to enter a competition and never used again? Now is not the time to dig it out. Use one you use all the time and can check on your phone as you need to be easily contactable – especially if you’re not around when guests stay. And remember, all your personal details are kept securely until bookings are confirmed.


References vs reviews

A reference is different to a review, which is feedback left by your guests. And references are extra important when you start off, as you might not have any reviews at all – which means it’s hard for people to trust you. Ask friends and family who are on Airbnb (you don’t have to accept all of them) – and tell them to share what an all-round trustworthy person you are. Happy hosting!

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