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8 tips for creating a ‘stay again’ atmosphere for your homeshare guests

Scandinavian sofa with cushions

We all love a party with a happy atmosphere (as the song says…). And the same goes when travelling: something that will make you book the same place again is the positive feeling your accommodation gives you. So how can you create an atmosphere in your homeshare that will make guests return and recommend you? Here are GUARDHOG’s top tips…

  1. You’re welcome

First impressions count for a lot. So think about how you greet your guests, and try and imagine they are family members who’ve arrived on Christmas Day! Take their coats, offer a drink, show them where the bathroom is. They might have been travelling for a long time before they got to you and these thoughtful gestures will make all the difference.

  1. Flowered up

Nothing gives your house a five-star feel like fresh flowers. Save money by buying large bunches and dividing them up, or subscribe to a mail order flower delivery service online. Go for flowers that last a while without dropping petals (like roses or lilies) and trim out the centres just in case your guests are allergic to pollen.

  1. Don’t stop the music

Atmosphere is all about the right tunes. But keep in mind we all have very different taste, so while Guns ‘n’ Roses might do it for you, your guest may prefer something a bit more gentle after hours on a plane. Try ‘chilled out’ CD compilations or playlists on Spotify that have an uplifting, happy feel, and have the volume on low in the background when guests arrive.

  1. Living Danishly

These days, everyone’s talking about ‘hygge’, the Danish word meaning ‘cosy and intimate’. Create that homely Scandi vibe in your homeshare with throws, cushions and fleecy blankets in your living room, and hot water bottles, bedsocks and warm drinks if the weather is cold.

  1. Game on

Old school board games are having a revival so why not leave a selection out for your guests, especially if you have a family staying? Monopoly and Scrabble are perennial favourites, and don’t forget to throw in a jigsaw or two and some books – particularly novels set in your local area.

  1. Let there be light

One of the easiest ways to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home is with ambient lighting. Avoid overhead or harsh lights that create shadows – and aren’t very flattering! Instead, choose wall or corner lighting in soft white (not blue-toned or fluorescent) tones. Candles create ambience too – why not try scented ones with homely aromas like gingerbread or baking to up the welcoming vibe even more?

  1. More is more

When you’re travelling, it’s easy to forget some of the little things that make life easier. So always have lots of towels, more toilet roll that you would normally and extra hand soap. And stock up on sewing kits, shoe polish, Elastoplast, tweezers… you name it. If you can’t think what to get in, browse the travel section of the chemist or supermarket for inspiration.

  1. Holiday

Whatever time of year it is, from Easter or Eid to Christmas or Halloween, some seasonal decorations will help guests to feel at home. Try spring flowers like daffodils at Easter time or a festive wreath on the door in December. After all, it’s this kind of personalisation that make people choose homeshares over hotels. Happy hosting!

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