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7 hacks for keeping your Airbnb clean

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The problem with cleanliness is that everybody’s standards are different. For Airbnb hosts, the solution is to hit the highest standard possible – and that way you can keep everyone happy, and maybe even earn yourself Superhost status. If hosting is your thing but cleaning isn’t, here are our seven hacks for keeping your homeshare spick and span for every guest that arrives…

Not to be sniffed at
The first thing you notice when you walk into someone’s home is the smell. That first impression counts – so make sure all your guests inhale are pleasant whiffs! Good ventilation is essential, and make use of reed diffusers or plug in air fresheners (nothing to overpowering though). Any cooking smells should be homely, and if you’re welcoming guests in the morning, think about the power of freshly ground coffee to create a welcoming vibe. Cooked a curry last night? Try attaching a car deodoriser to an air vent: as air blows through, the scent disperses into your home.

Turn the place inside out
A surface clean just isn’t enough if you want a glowing review. Think about the unseen parts of your household – like the rubber seal inside the washing machine, the tea stains inside your teapot or mugs, or the less than sparkling salad drawer at the bottom of the fridge. You might not notice these things but your guest could, so make sure when you clean you’re looking on the inside too.

What a load of rubbish
Although bins are there to collect rubbish, the truth is, nobody wants to see it. Think like a hotel manager: as soon as a receptacle has something in it – it’s time to empty. Remove the rubbish from the bins in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms (everywhere where there is a bin), and don’t forget to disinfect them thoroughly between guests.

Done and dusted
As an Airbnb host, dust is your enemy. And with more than the usual amount of people passing through your house, you might find you have more of it (after all, dust is made up mainly of skin cells – yuk!). So, invest in the right weapons to keep it at bay. Feather dusters aren’t as helpful as you might think, as they just spread dust from one surface to another. Try using a soft, damp cloth, or a microfibre or electrostatic duster instead.

Welcome to the jungle
Houseplants don’t just look great – they clean the air too. A NASA study found that many indoor plants neutralise the chemicals found in furniture, household cleaners and air pollution. To keep your home looking clean with houseplants, make sure soil stays neatly in the pot (especially if you have pets or children, who will in our experience enjoy removing it). For clean air, try geraniums, Arabian jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenias or orchids.

Phone a friend
How about hiring your own mystery shopper? Ask a (fussy) friend to visit or stay for a night and ‘pretend’ to be a paying guest. Then you can get their honest opinion on the cleanliness of your home. Get them to point out any tiny detail that you might not have noticed. It’s better to hear it from someone you know than see it in the reviews online!

Call in the experts
A property management company is a great way to hand over the cleaning of your Airbnb to the experts. Time consuming tasks like laundering towels and bed linen are a lot easier to outsource, and if you are away when guests arrive, the management company can also arrange to meet guests and show them around. If you don’t want to commit to a property management company, why not invest in a deep cleaning service every now and again? It’s a good way to know your guests won’t find any nasty (grubby) surprises. Happy hosting!

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