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At GUARDHOG, we’re obsessed with homesharing (as well as the insurance you need to have in place when you’re doing it). And we get that one of the things that will make potential guests choose your pad over another is the photos. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a professional photographer… just follow our tips:

Keep it clean
First things first: tidy up! In fact, do more than tidy up – remove any clutter lying about too, even if you’re going to put it straight back once you’ve taken your pics. Your home will look more spacious when on the minimal side. But don’t go over the top otherwise guests will feel they’ve been duped when they arrive!

Let there be light
Another important part of your photo prep is making sure you have enough light. Choose a bright day – never take photos at night. And make sure all blinds and curtains are open as far as they will go. It might seem unnecessary, but put on all lamps and overhead lights too. It’s a way of making all those dark corners come to life – even on a phone (you don’t need an expensive camera your shots will look more professional.

It’s all in the detail
Now you’ve got the place tidy and bright, it’s time to add a few extra touches. Remember, you’re trying to create the look of a welcoming home not a characterless hotel – that’s why people homeshare, after all. So, if you have a terrace table that’s perfect for an evening glass of wine – put a couple of glasses there, and a bottle in a cooler. And likewise, do you have a cosy armchair that’s great for reading in? Put a book on the table next to it.

Quirks work
What’s different about your home? Have you got a funky platform bed in the kids’ room? A cool piece of art in the hall, or a period fireplace in the living room? Make sure you take a photo of these unique features. It’s the quirks that will make your home memorable and have people booking again and again.

More is more
So, you’re ready to get snapping – don’t be shy. The more pictures you have, the more guests are able to get a proper idea of what staying in your home will be like. About 20-25 images work well, and they don’t have to be in ‘chronological’ room order. Use your top ones first: an inviting hallway, spacious kitchen or bright living room. Then follow with the rest, making sure no rooms are left out.

Out and about
On the subject of what to include in your photo selection, don’t forget to take some outside pictures. Your front door is a good start, as then people can find your property more easily. But also include any other attractive views of your home, like balconies, gardens, terraces, or even a nearby park or visitor attraction.

A home for all seasons
One last tip. Your home has different benefits at different times of the year, so don’t just take a collection of summery pics that might put off those planning a Christmas visit. So, if you have a fall of snow, snap the garden with some twinkly lights visible through the window, and don’t forget the aesthetic power of autumn leaves. Soon you’ll have a portfolio of images that will show your homeshare is bookable any week of the year. Happy hosting!

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