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Foolproof hosting tips for keeping your belongings safe

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Here at GUARDHOG, a question we get asked a lot by new Airbnb hosts is: what do I do with my personal belongings? If you’re letting out all or part of your home on a homesharing platform, you might be wondering the best way to deal with this. Thankfully, we’ve got some top tips – after all, we are Superhosts!

Staying in a home is what guests want

Remember why people have chosen homesharing – quite often it’s because they want an authentic experience, not a holiday home that’s clearly there to make money and has the most generic kind of furniture and décor. So don’t be afraid of having your personal touches like photos around the place – it creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Give them somewhere to put their stuff

A great way to stop guests rifling through your wardrobe is to give them an alternative. Invest in a portable clothes rail, a suitcase holder and a rack or shelf unit that will always be for homesharing guests only. Then put them away when you don’t have anyone staying – simple.

Put out products just for them

If you don’t want a guest using your products in the bathroom the best way is to give them some freebies for themselves. It’s a nice Superhost touch too. Don’t worry about spending too much money – just collect hotel shampoos, soaps and bath products when you’re travelling or ask your friends to do the same. You can usually pick up trial sizes at the beauty counter of department stores too. But put away that super-expensive moisturiser just in case!

Hide your valuables

Valuable items are a different matter – think jewellery, money and personal information. Always put them under lock and key, or store them at a relative’s house when you’re hosting. Safe boxes can be bought from stationers fairly cheaply and are a good way to get some extra peace of mind, especially if you’re away when your guests are staying.

Make sure you screen your guests

If you’re homesharing on Airbnb, remember that according to your Host Guarantee, you have to communicate with potential guests and review their profiles to qualify for damage and theft reimbursement. Our advice? If you have a concern about someone, then don’t take the risk. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Don’t forget about your mail

It might not seem like a valuable but your mail is very precious – particularly to an identity thief. If you’re away a lot and let out your home when you’re not there, think about getting a PO box or a locking mailbox. You could even stop your mail for the periods you’re away and collect it from the post office when you get back.

Relax – it’s all part of homesharing

The truth is, some people are curious (nosy) – and you might find someone has had a look through a cupboard. But as long as you’re not a secret agent with confidential files in your home, there’s generally no harm done. And if there is – you can relax knowing your GUARDHOG Hostcover is in place. Happy hosting!


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