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How to welcome guests travelling for work

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Many of us might think of homesharing as a fun way to travel for leisure. Bu these days, as the popularity of platforms like Airbnb increases, more and more business travellers are choosing homeshares. You can see why – travelling for work can be lonely and a homeshare feels more welcoming than a sterile hotel room. Read on for our ideas for welcoming business travellers…

Check your location

If you live in a rural area or suburb, you could find you won’t attract many business travellers and might want to tailor your listing to holidaymakers. But check – there might be a conference facility nearby. If you’re in the city, work out how close you are to transport links and the central business district. If you’re in the centre of town, chances are you are likely to be an appealing homeshare for those travelling for work.

Do your research

Not all business travellers are the same. Why not do some research and find out exactly what industry your guests might be working in? Are you near government offices? The headquarters of a big brewing company? A finance district? Give your guests a list of industry-specific areas of interest that they might want to visit during their free time, or even choose magazines that might match their type of job.

Join the work collection

If you list your property on Airbnb, they’ll automatically add your listing to the ‘work collection’ if it meets certain eligibility criteria and requirements. They’ve limited the work collection to types of listings they think business travellers will love: an entire home, a private room with a private bath, or a private room with an ensuite bath. Your listing must also be a specific property type – find out more here.

Like a hotel – but better

Airbnb ask for certain amenities if you are going to be part of their ‘work collection’. But whichever platform you’re on, it makes sense to have everything a guest might need if they’re travelling for work. That way, you get a good review – and attract more business travellers. Try and provide everything a hotel would – plus a bit more. Think free Wi-Fi, a coffeemaker, and a washer and dryer. You might also want to provide a desk with a chair, or even a printer/scanner and wireless keyboard. Spare chargers for tablets, phones and laptops would definitely be appreciated!

Enjoy the benefits

So, what’s the point in attracting business travellers? One is that they often stay longer, and fill up spaces during the week. They’ll also be out most of the time, limiting usage and wear and tear, and won’t be up for a party either, meaning damage is unlikely. You might even be able to charge a bit more, as you’re competing with local hotels who can often ask for hundreds a night. Happy hosting!


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