T: 0207 199 6610     E: info@guardhog.com
T: 0207 199 6610     E: info@guardhog.com

It’s time to meet the hogs…

Let’s make some introductions. GUARDOHOG is home to the hogs, some of whom are more trouble than others… Keep an eye out for them – they’re going to guide you through the world of sharing, explain the importance of insurance – and hopefully help you unlock your inner sharer. And you can meet the rest of the team here too.

Holly the Super Hog

Holly is not just a hog, she’s a Superhog. Her mission is to unlock your inner sharer and give you the confidence to get sharing. That’s just what Superhogs do. She’s also there to help when something goes wrong, that is after all exactly what insurance is there for.

Bob the Boar

Bob’s favourite motto is, ’there’s no place like someone else’s home’. He’s a true connoisseur of home-sharing from Airbnb to house-sitting and home swapping. He boasts a large number of “bouncy” reviews, a true achievement given he’s a slightly clumsy and accident-prone boar. Bob is currently travelling the world looking for his next place to stay…

One & Two, the Baby Boars

Baby Boar One and Baby Boar Two are ever so sweet and lovely. According to their parents they’re well-behaved, have perfect manners and are a true delight on whoever has the joy of meeting them… that is when they’re not drawing on the walls, splashing in the bath or tearing round the kitchen.

Burglar Betty

Betty is a boar of unrivalled talent, a master of disguise* and in her eyes, a modern-day Robin Hood. She loves shopping from home, and it just so happens that it’s anyone else’s home rather than hers. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see her, she can slip in and out in a matter of seconds, almost as if no one was ever there in the first place.

* debatable we know for a pink pig

Handy Hank

Hank is a guy on the make. He knows that awesome ends with ‘me’ and you won’t find ‘giving up’ in his dictionary. He knows what it means to burn the entrepreneurial candle, embrace the opportunity the sharing economy provides and he loves it. And if opportunity doesn’t knock, then he’s going to build a door, or crowdfund a bridge.

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