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Wedding bells will be ringing this weekend in Windsor as Harry and Meghan tie the knot. And while they’ve gone big – as you’d expect from a prince and princess – some people prefer to keep it a bit more low-key. If that sounds like you, and you’ve got nuptials to plan, why not think about an unlikely venue – but one that could tick every box: an Airbnb?

The homesharing site has a veritable wedding banquet of properties all over the globe that could be the perfect setting for your vows. So, if you’re wondering how you could get married in a rustic villa in Sardinia, or on a castle rampart in Scotland, check out our six tips for sharing economy romance.

  1. Plan your budget

You’ll probably already have a budget in mind for your big day. Getting married in an Airbnb doesn’t change that, although it can be more cost-effective. Think about the type of venue, how many guests and what you have in mind to spend on things like food and flowers. Airbnb properties that are suitable for events will cost £750+ a night but check for any other fees too.

  1. Get searching

This part is easy. Head to the Airbnb site, put your dream location and the date of the big day into the ‘search’. Consider how you might not just want to book for one night only, especially if you’re going to have guests staying. Go to ‘amenities’ and choose ‘suitable for events’. Then get browsing…

  1. According to plan

Did you know some hosts double as wedding planners? They can help you with local suppliers like catering and any decorations. Some will help you on the day – you might even find a celebrant when you’re searching (jackpot!). If not, you could still get local supplier recommendations from your host: they might know some hidden gems nearby. We’re thinking chocolate fountains and photo booths… (wonder if Harry and Meghan will have those?).

  1. Be in the know

Don’t be caught out by any add-ons. Ask your potential host about any extra costs and what exactly they can and can’t provide. Make sure you also check the maximum number of people the venue can hold for an event, whether they’ll be sitting or standing (and will you need to hire chairs?) and what facilities there are for any caterers you will be using.

  1. Stay with me

There are many advantages to using an Airbnb for your wedding venue. You’ll find somewhere unique and be able to make the event extra specially yours – who needs Windsor Castle? Another advantage is that quite often Airbnb venues have room to put up your guests for a night or two. Many of the listings that are suitable for events can sleep 16 or more. Ideal for your family and bridal party members. Enjoy your big day!

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