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Five hosting hacks for giving your guests internet access

What would be top of your list when it comes to amenities at a hotel? In the past, it might have been a trouser press. But these days, most people would say Wi-Fi. And in 2018, we want it free, we want it fast, and we want it wherever we go…

Hosting on Airbnb means creating a hotel experience at home. And most guests – especially those travelling for work, will expect to be able to hop onto your network if they want. So, if you’re a host and you’re wondering how to make this process easy and safe, check out our five hosting hacks for giving your guests internet access.

  1. Shout about it

First up – let people know you’re offering internet! When searching on Airbnb, potential guests can select ‘More filters’ then ‘Wireless Internet’. You want to make sure that they know it’s one of the amenities that you have, so make sure you add it –  for some guests it can be a deciding factor.

  1. Work it baby

Are you part of Airbnb’s ‘work collection’? Then it’s even more important that you tick the internet box. You might also want to provide a desk with a chair, or even a printer/scanner and wireless keyboard. Spare chargers for tablets, phones and laptops would definitely be appreciated!

  1. Lay down the law

Make it clear to your guests that that if they use your internet facilities, by doing so they agree to use them legally. That means no illegal uploading, downloading, or other banned activities. Write this in your House Rules for extra clarity.

  1. Safety first

To be extra safe, create an encrypted guest network – and only share the password with guests once they’ve confirmed their reservation. Make sure you create strong passwords (in other words, ‘PASSWORD” won’t do…!) for your router and your modem and change them frequently. It’s always worth checking your router and modem for software updates regularly too.

  1. Under lock and key

Think about the position of your router and modem in your home. It’s best to make sure that guests don’t have access to it, so keep it in a secure, locked place, especially if you have guests when you’re not there. Happy hosting!


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