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17 Expert Airbnb marketing tips to help increase bookings

Posted by Guardhog Team on February 14, 2020 · Blog

You can directly increase your Airbnb bookings by using SEO and making sure that your profile and listing is set up properly. Here are our 17 Expert Airbnb marketing tips to help increase bookings:

1. Make guest communication personal

One of our top Airbnb marketing tips is to help increase bookings is to make any email or other forms of communication personal.

Guests will appreciate any messages you send that call them by their name and feel as if they have been written to personally rather than just an automated email that has been sent out to hundreds of other people.

Making your messages more personal will also remove the risk of them being deleted because they look like spam.

2. Take the best photos possible and take lots of them!

The more high-quality photos included for your listing the better.

This shows off the property but also makes guests trust that your property really is a penthouse suite and not a shipping container in a car park.

Airbnb Marketing Tips For Hosts

3. Stand out from the crowd on Airbnb

Highlight everything that makes your property unique, through both the description and the photos of your property. Imagine what your guests want and what you love about your property. Include these, and they will help you to capture bookings. 

When writing your description, remember that people are probably looking at multiple listings and trying to evaluate which one they like the most, so make sure that you use sub-headings and bold lists that they can skim over but will make them choose your listing as the right one.

5. Your profile has to be 100% complete

An incomplete profile is a major red flag for a lot of guests. Link your socials and have photos of yourself to give potential guests that extra peace of mind. After all, remember that you are both complete strangers so trusting each other is key.

6. Pricing your rental is key to success

A lot of people are using Airbnb as a way of finding unique places to stay that are often cheaper than hotels. Make sure that your prices are affordable and not too much but also not too little.

Check out what your local competition is doing and work out your pricing accordingly. Undercutting your opponents can be a great way of capturing bookings from them.

7. List on multiple sites

To market your listing further, you could put it on a variety of other sites, such as or VRBO. If you have more than one property that you are renting out, you could always create your own website to promote them.

There you can provide more information, create your own style and brand and really make your property stand out.

Airbnb Marketing Tips To Help Increase Bookings

8. Invite influencers to stay

If you are a Superhost, this next tip might be a bit easier. You could invite a lifestyle or travel blogger to come and stay for free, and then promote you on their social media pages or on their blog.

This is a great way of getting exposure to a large number of people who follow this influencer due to similar interests or the quality of the information they provide.

9. Join a hosting forum

Airbnb has great forums for hosts to share tips and tricks about almost everything to do with Airbnb and hosting. If you have any questions, you can ask other hosts who are more than happy to help.

You could try promoting your property there once you have built up a reputation by helping out others who ask questions in the forum.

10. Get your property listed with local tourism companies

This will give you more exposure and more inquiries when your advertised for a specific area.

11. Offline advertising still works

A lot of the world is online now but don’t discount offline methods! Put up flyers on local notice boards or with your local travel firm. You could also leave business cards at local tourist points.

12. Discounts are attractive and influence decision

By offering people discounts if they stay for a certain amount of nights is a great way of marketing your listing. People are always looking for a bargain and with Airbnb this is definitely the case. Guests want to find affordable places that offer a better experience than a hotel and with a discount on top? Perfect.

Airbnb Discount

13. Submit photos to design or real estate blogs

Blogs are always looking for fresh content and are a great way of promoting your Airbnb. If you think you’ve got what it takes and have a premium property, I would suggest giving The Plum Guide a go. Good luck!

14. Social media can’t be ignored

Social media is a force that cannot be ignored when it comes to marketing. Create a page for your listing(s) and you’ll have an easy way to create content and interact with prospective guests, building relationships and hopefully increasing bookings.

15. Use a property management company

If you are really struggling with marketing your property, there are always property management companies to consider. If these fit your budget then they can be really helpful at marketing your place. So long as you choose the right one, then they know how to get results! 

16. Watch how you use minor settings

These include the additional charges of things like cleaning fee, additional guests, cancellation policy and security deposit charges. These all have an effect on your marketing as they contribute to your final overall price and can discourage guests. 

17. Respond to reviews, both good and bad

By interacting with your previous guests, potential guests are able to get a feel for what kind of host you are. By seeing how you respond to different types of comments and by making each response personal rather than an automated response which you copy and paste for every comment, guests will trust you more and be more likely to book with you.

And there we have it! By using this Airbnb marketing tips post, you’ve cracked marketing your listing! Why not check out our other post: 18 Airbnb Success Tips To Maximise Your Bookings

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