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20 Pro Airbnb tips and tricks for guests

Posted by Guardhog Team on December 22, 2020 · Blog

Here at GUARDHOG we’re home-sharing experts and serial Airbnb users. Here are our 20 Pro Airbnb Tips and Tricks for Guests:

1. Cleaning the rental after your booking

If you are being charged a cleaning fee or it explicitly says in the rules, then don’t do end-of-stay cleaning tasks. If you spill something – of course, clear it up – but most who host regularly will have turnover routines and what you might think as being helpful may just disrupt their process!

2. Communicate with your host.

A host will appreciate it if you could inform them if something doesn’t work or breaks through wear and tear.

This way they can order a replacement in time, rather than finding out after you have left.

Airbnb Tips For Guests

3. Keep your host informed

Let your host know your arrival time and if you are going to be late or early, and what the procedure is.

This means that the host can sort out key drop-offs and access to the property effectively, rather than being dragged out of bed to come and give you the keys.

4. Book with hosts that have a good reputation

One of our top Airbnb tips and tricks for guests: Make sure you read the hosts reviews.

This will let you know what kind of host they are and whether they’re the right one for you. How they interact with former guests is a good indicator of their hosting skills.

5. Make sure you read the rules and information sections of the house manual thoroughly!

You will annoy your host if you keep messaging or calling them to ask about how to turn on the oven or what the WiFi code is, when it’s located on page 3 of the house manual!

6. Make sure you leave a review and be honest

Any host will be happy for any comments that they can build on.

Just do it in a polite and friendly way without making it a personal attack and you will also get a favourable review back. Before you write that review blasting your host, remember it’s a two-way street!

Airbnb Reviews

7. Only pay via Airbnb

This point is crucial. This provides protection for you because if payment is made outside of the platform, Airbnb are no longer responsible if you are scammed.

Report any host that asks you to pay outside of Airbnb’s secure payment system.

8. Use the Airbnb helpline

If you have any issues, make use of Airbnb’s helpline. If you are a victim of a misrepresented booking or false advertisement, make sure you notify Airbnb.

By becoming a SUPERHOG member, we independently vet and verify that hosts are legitimate and that the properties they are advertising are accurately represented.

9. Look for Superhosts

With Airbnb, there is a group known as “Superhosts”. These are hosts that have gone above and beyond to gain this status through their hospitality and are subject to rigorous checks by Airbnb.

If you’re nervous, book with a Superhost and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

10. A picture paints a thousand words

Check that the property that you are renting has a sufficient amount of high-quality photos. The more photos the better.

If there are only a few pictures then be wary about booking this property.

Airbnb Photography

11. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Here are a few you might want to consider:

  • How many sets of keys do we get?
  • How does check-in/out work?
  • If you’re travelling for business, what’s the WiFi like?

Just remember that at the end of the day, you are a paying customer so you can ask as many questions as you would like to make sure that you are comfortable with the place you’re going to be staying in.

12. Have a look at your hosts on social media

This will help you put a face to a name and will make checking in easier when you can see what they look like.

13. Airbnb cancellation policies

Make sure you understand the cancellation policy that your host is using. Here is a list to help you out:

  • Flexible: Full refund 1 day prior to arrival, except fees.
  • Moderate: Full refund 5 days before arrival, except fees.
  • Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week before arrival, except fees.
  • Super Strict: 50% refund up until 30 days before arrival, except fees.

14. Document the property upon arrival

Take pictures and videos of the condition of the property. This covers your back in the unlikely event that a host tries to blame you for damage. Also, if the property was dirty upon arrival, you could film it as proof.

15. Look up the address on Google maps

This will help you evaluate whether what the description says about parking or how far away it is from the shops, is true or not.

Airbnb Map

16. Check the safety of the rental

Make sure you review the safety features within the property. You can find this under “Amenities” on the listing page, where hosts should report whether they have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

17. Find where the first aid kit is kept

Upon arrival, check where all the safety equipment is stored. If you are not sure where the first aid kit or the fire extinguisher is located, do not hesitate to ask your host. Your safety comes first.

18. Use the host language filter on Airbnb

If you only speak one language, you can add the filter “host language” to your search. This obviously helps if you ever have to contact your host for whatever reason. However, Airbnb’s website and app are equipped with Google translate.

19. Be courteous, respond to hosts

If a host offers a special deal or they offer to reserve dates for you, reply in a timely manner. It’s rude to leave someone waiting for your response, especially if it’s a no, as they could be offering someone else the same deal instead of wasting time.

20. Be considerate about extra guests

If you book a room for just yourself, don’t automatically assume that someone else can join you.

And there we have it! Our 20 pro Airbnb tips and tricks for guests! Thinking of becoming a host? Check out our 17 Expert Tips And Tricks For Hosts.

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