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Are you insured to rent your home with Airbnb?

Posted by Guardhog Team on November 2, 2019 · Blog

Airbnb is a convenient option for both homeowners and travellers. If you are a homeowner, you can make money by renting out your home, and if you are a traveller, Airbnb provides you with the option of staying in beautiful spaces that are homey and comfortable without breaking the bank.

If are planning to list your home on Airbnb or any other rental service then you must get an insurance policy that covers your home for when it is rented out.

If you have already had a home insurance policy, and are debating whether or not you need cover for short lets, then the answer is yes. Many home insurance policies do not cover any liabilities associated with short-term letting.

Are you insured to rent your home with Airbnb

This is because you are sharing your home with other people and are, therefore, increasing potential risks. Airbnb provides a host guarantee which covers any damages caused by the guests. Most hosts mistake the host guarantee for insurance, but Airbnb clearly states that it is not.

The Airbnb host guarantee does cover personal liability, damages caused by wear and tear or collectables such as jewellery or artwork.

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When letting your home through Airbnb, you are unable to conduct a meticulous screening process compared to when you are renting your property for a longer period of time. Once you give out the key to your home, you are left in the dark in what goes on or who else comes into your house. Having an insurance policy during this time protects you from any associated risks.

GuardHog provides you with the best insurance cover

GuardHog provides you with the best insurance cover that is easily linked with your home sharing account which allows us to put the cover in place anytime you have a booking. This also allows you only to pay when you are letting out your home.

We have different types of insurance cover to suit your needs; learn more about our services and get a quick quote today!