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Does landlord insurance cover Airbnb?

Posted by Guardhog Team on September 24, 2019 · Blog

It is an opportunity for landlords or homeowners to rent out their properties or rooms for a super-short period and earn cash on what would otherwise be dead space.

The downside of such super-short rents is that the need for insurance is higher than long-term rents where deposits, credit checks and references are the norms.

As renting out your property or a room is classed as a commercial enterprise Airbnb rentals will not be covered by your standard home insurance.

Does landlord insurance cover Airbnb?

If you chose to rent out a room and not tell your insurers, then this could invalidate the entire policy.

As an Airbnb landlord, you are eligible for the Host Guarantee, but this is not the same as insurance and has numerous clauses with many things not covered so it is important to check very carefully what is and isn’t covered by the policy.

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The only safe and sensible option is to get specialist landlord insurance which caters for Airbnb hosts. HostCover will protect your property from malicious damage, accidental damage, theft, and public liability.

Contact the team here at Guardhog to find out how their HostCover will cover you precisely for your needs as an Airbnb landlord. As experts in the super-short let market we know the problems you can face and have the right solutions at our fingertips.