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Is Airbnb profitable for hosts? We decided to take a deeper look…

Posted by Guardhog Team on December 15, 2020 · Blog

The Profitability of Being a Host.

The sharing economy is expected to reach a whopping $335 billion by 2025, according to Forbes, with Airbnb controlling 27% of the home-sharing market in 2018 and HomeAway controlling 18% as the second-largest stakeholder.

In 2018 the global short-term rental sector was worth an eye-watering $101 billion, so the appeal is there, and maybe you’re thinking that you may also like a slice of this very large pie.

Ever since its creation in 2008, Airbnb has continued to grow year on year and has been a front runner for the growth of the sharing economy in general.

Airbnb’s success is clear, and if you have a spare property or room that you are thinking of listing on their site, or any other, as a short-term rental, then there is plenty of profit.

Is Airbnb Profitable

Here at GUARDHOG, our team is built up of expert home sharers and expert insurers.

In other words: we love home-sharing.

We think that it’s a wonderful marketplace and would highly encourage you to go for it if you are thinking about it!

There is a lot of profit to be made from participating in the home-sharing sector, but with great rewards also comes huge amounts of risk.

We don’t want to put you off, that’s why we’re here to help make the leap into the sharing-economy much more safe and profitable for any of our customers.

Is Airbnb Profitable?

Think about it this way: having an empty space stay empty rather than having paying guests to stay in it and make you some extra income is a really great sounding idea.

If you fall into this category of owning a space that currently gets relatively little or no use, why not make money from it?

With around 14,000 new hosts joining each month, why not be one of them as well?

Now there’s a lot of competition and it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but the rewards are definitely worth it if you choose to put in the effort.

With roughly 2+ million bookings worldwide each night, there is no shortage of potential guests.

This sector continues to grow as people start to move away from traditional hotels in order to get a more natural experience when looking for travel accommodation. Especially with the emergence of Covid.

Airbnb assumes that if I owned a property in London and listed it as an entire home for four people, with an occupancy rate of 15 nights per month, I could roughly earn £1,501 per month.

Is Airbnb Profitable For Hosts

This, of course, depends on a lot of different factors. Such as how much you actually charge per night, your local short-term renting laws etc.

Airbnb can be extremely profitable if you put in the effort.

A little bit of extra income never hurt anyone!

To list your property on Airbnb is completely free.

The site makes up for this by taking a 3% cut from each booking. A comparatively low price if you manage to get everything right, with some Airbnb hosts boasting that they make six-figure sums from their listings.

There is a whole science behind what makes your Airbnb successful. The amount of effort you put in will have a direct correlation with how profitable your listing is.

Airbnb is all about the small things. By nailing these, you are more likely to have more happy guests and therefore more profit.

Getting the Right Airbnb Host Insurance.

Although there are lots of rewards for being a host, (mainly financial!), there are also, unfortunately, a lot of risks that come with these rewards as well.

We’ve all read horror stories in the press about parties that have got out of hand and even occasions that have been fatal.

Although these events are very infrequent and rare, when they do happen, they can have serious financial implications that you do not want to be dealing with.

It is therefore crucial that if you are thinking about becoming a home-sharing host, that you have the right form of insurance in case something does go wrong.

We have lots of blog posts about how your home insurance is not enough to cover you for what is a “commercial activity” and what you need in order to be properly covered.

That’s why we’re here. Our knowledgeable and experienced team is always one phone call or email away and we’re very happy to offer advice and answers for any questions that you may have. You can find our contact info by visiting us at

What We do: Hassle Free HOSTCOVER for Airbnb.

Our HOSTCOVER is built to be as easy to use as possible and based on a pay-per-stay model.

Hosts simply pay for the nights that they have a booking, rather than being tied to an annual plan.

Our HOSTCOVER acts as an add on to your home insurance. You must check with your provider that they are happy with you hosting.

By purchasing cover through GUARDHOG, you can have that extra peace of mind that we’ll have your back if anything does take a turn for the worst.

Our cost-effective plans are built with hosts in mind and we help make the claims process as smooth as possible.

After all, that’s how hosting should be: stress-free.

Is Airbnb Hosting Profitable

By purchasing the right form of insurance for hosting, your listing will in turn become much more profitable. With our HOSTCOVER in place, if there is a problem, we have you covered and we’ll handle your claim efficiently and in a timely manner.

There is absolutely no point in risking what could be your most important asset: your home. Especially if your listing is used for a party that turns into £150,000 worth of damages and Airbnb won’t help you and neither will your home insurance provider.

So Is Airbnb Profitable?

As you can see from the article above, Airbnb can be a very profitable enterprise if you take the time to research all the different aspects, such as pricing etc. The effort and time that you choose to put into your listing will relate to how much money you make from it.

By being properly insured, you will also ensure profits, knowing that no matter who enters your property, you will be covered by us. Having that peace of mind will allow you to enjoy all the pleasures that hosting has to offer!