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What every UK Airbnb host needs to know about insurance

Posted by Guardhog Team on September 9, 2019 · Blog

Over the last few years, Airbnb has really taken off with more and more people renting out rooms or their entire homes as a way of making easy money.

This has, however, put a lot of inexperienced people into the world of super-short rentals. Many are not aware of the insurance responsibilities and legal liability they may be subject to.

Private home-owners, renting out their rooms or their entire homes are essentially giving their most expensive possession over to strangers. Without the correct insurances, they are setting themselves up for disaster.

What every UK Airbnb host needs to know about insurance

Here are three things you need to consider as an Airbnb host:

  • Making money from renting any part of your home is considered a commercial activity and therefore is not going to be covered by usual domestic home insurance.
  • It is important that you inform your home insurance provider that you are an Airbnb host. If you do not inform them, they can refuse to pay out if you need to make a claim – even if unrelated to Airbnb rentals.
  • Not informing them of this commercial enterprise could invalidate your insurance altogether.

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As an Airbnb host, you can take advantage of Host Cover. This can cover you for malicious damage, accidental damage, theft, public liability, Home-sharing liability, loss of income, excessive use of utilities, replacement keys and locks, pest infestation, legal expenses and identity theft. All of these features are needed to be properly covered when using Airbnb.

Three things you need to consider as an Airbnb host

You are required to have a Home Insurance policy (including Buildings and Contents) in place in order for HostCover to be valid.

For more advice about getting the right insurance for your Airbnb property, it is best to speak to an expert in Airbnb insurance so give us a call at Guardhog and we will talk you through everything you need to know.