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Deposits are crucial when renting a property out to strangers, but the traditional method breaks down when the length of stay is only a few nights, causing issues for both hosts and guests.

The problems for hosts

The problem for guests

The benefits of a virtual deposit

DEPOSITCOVER removes the need to take an actual cash deposit from the guest. It works just as a normal deposit would, allowing deductions for damage (but not for expected wear and tear…)

Whats Included

Damage caused by the deliberate action or inaction of a guest. Any criminal activity in your home, or any activity which is against the law, constitutes malicious damage.

Sudden, unexpected and visible damage caused by a guest which has not been caused on purpose.

An action or inaction of a guest, which leads to loss or damage of your buildings or contents, which the guest is aware will cause damage and has been done on purpose. Deliberate damage includes malicious damage.

Theft or attempted theft caused or enabled by action or inaction of the guest.

Following theft or loss of your home keys and alarm fobs to outside doors and windows by a guest(s) during a booking we will pay the cost of changing the locks, keys and alarm fobs.

How does it work

The small print

Please read our policy wording before you purchase DEPOSITCOVER.

Key Facts

Please refer to your policy word for exclusion details and specific item limits

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