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Who we are?

GUARDHOG Technologies is the leading short-term rental trust and safety marketplace, providing cost-effective, trust and safety solutions. In 2019 we provided protection for 700,000+ properties, hosts and guests around the world. We’ve learnt from insuring the sector how to tell the story behind every booking.

Our mission is to create a future where it is easier for everyone to make better decisions.

(a) What you will do:

At GUARDHOG, we may not be able to offer brutally back-breaking hours or compulsory rules on formal attire, but there are so many reasons why you should come to work for us over a multinational bank – who’ll probably forget your name by Q2, or whatever those guys call ‘Springtime’.

As a Digital Marketing Intern, you will support the planning and managing of all our online marketing activities. There’s a lot to get involved in and we don’t expect you to be able to do it all.

(b) What you will learn

You’re going to be involved in:

  • Helping to manage our content calendar.
  • Engaging our community on social media.
  • Developing and managing partnerships with influencers.
  • Planning and help creating our social media content and campaigns.
  • Organising and managing campaigns with other brands and partners.

We find that searching for and nurturing talent this way is a highly effective way for us to find the very best candidates.

There is no guarantee of a work opportunity at the end of this internship, but both of us at the very least should walk away having had a quality and enjoyable experience.

(c) Timings, duration & location:

  • Start date: anytime between from mid-October.
  • We’re here for a long time AND a good time – we don’t offer internships lasting less than 3 months.
  • All roles are full time.
  • We only accept applications from candidates who would be available for potential full-time employment upon completion of the internship (so last semester work placement or right after graduation).
  • This is not a remote internship. Our office is in Stockbridge, Hampshire and we mostly work from there, although we have a lot of flexibility in working from home on and off. London is a possibility if you are an exceptional candidate.

(d) Please apply if…

  • You got (or are finishing up) your education from a top university.
  • You’re a thinker and a doer.
  • When you go to sleep at night, you dream of marketing strategy and how to answer questions like “who should we be speaking to? How do we best reach them? What do we say?”
  • You have the ability to write. You don’t need to be an aspiring poet, but an ability to write short, engaging content will be a massive help in this role.
  • You’re fluent in English.
  • Interest and experience in social media. Run your own fitness or recipe account? Awesome!
  • You fall to your knees in despair when you read bad grammar or a spelling mistake.

Bonus points if:

  • You spend your money on seeing the world, rather than buying more of what’s in it.
  • You speak more than one language.
  • You have a morally or legally questionable story from your gap year to tell us.
  • You’d prefer to go to Burning Man over Coachella.
  • You can mix a killer cocktail.

Please apply to

Deadline: Thursday 15th October 2020