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Yes, you should make your home insurer aware that you are using platforms like Airbnb or Our HOSTCOVER policy is built to mirror the building and contents limits of an underlying insurance policy, so if you make a claim for guest damages, and your underlying insurer voids your policy because they don't take on risks that involve guests, then our policy also becomes void.

If the property you're going to short term let is a buy-to-let or holiday home, we can offer you HOSTCOVER that doesn't require you to have underlying home insurance. Our Hero Hogs can help you with this!

No, you can't. because all our hosts are so different, we find the most efficient way to offer our best premiums is on a pay-by-stay basis.

This allows the various bookings lengths and various costs per night to be taken into account and ensures that you are only paying for the insurance when you need it.

Our cover works on a stay-by-stay basis so it is important to make sure that cover is in place for your property before any stay begins. To confirm that cover is in place we will always email you a schedule of cover on the day that the stay begins (so if you think cover should be in place and haven’t received one then it is a good idea to contact our Hero Hogs).

In order to make it easy for you to put cover in place we have created our unique AUTOHOG system, which you can link to your property’s calendar and will automatically put cover in place every time you accept a booking. If you upload your property calendar to our system and sign up to AUTOHOG, the cover will be put in place automatically, every time you have a stay booked.

If your home insurance provider cancels your policy because they don't take on any risks relating to home-sharing, then don't worry, we have a sharing-friendly home insurance policy.

HOMECOVER provides buildings and contents cover which is comparable to most standard home insurance policies (see POLICY DOCUMENTS for full details) and is designed to work alongside our HOSTCOVER policy to cover both you and your guests.

Yes, we can! Just make sure you keep proof of the booking, like an email trail, in case you need to make a claim.

Yes, we do! And you don't even have to have an AST in place, which is a typical requirement for most landlords insurance.

We have a version of HOSTCOVER specifically designed for landlords and can also provide annual cover.

As well as the UK, we can offer our HOSTCOVER to most of western mainland Europe, including Ireland, right now, with more and more countries being added all the time.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this!

Yes, we can! We partner with various event specific short-let agents, as well as providing cover directly to hosts, to ensure that everyone can benefit from our cover when they need it most.

HOSTCOVER PRO is designed to cover our more regular sharers. If you have a buy-to-let property that you're advertising on Airbnb or all year round, then you'll likely fall under into this cover category rather than our regular HOSTCOVER policy (which is designed to cover your main home when you have guests to stay).

The key difference between HOSTCOVER and HOSTCOVER PRO is the requirement for underlying insurance for HOSTCOVER.

  1. Go to your listing's calendar on Airbnb via your dashboard
  2. Click on availability which appears on the right-hand side
  3. Click on ‘sync calendars’
  4. From the dropdown list, select ‘export calendar’
  5. Copy the URL and send it over on an email to us
Yes, we look at the whole risk. If for example if the guest was to cause a fire, we would cover damages to all affected rooms, not just the room the guest has rented.
Please contact us or call 0207 199 6610 and a member of the team can update your details for you.

Cover is only put in place when you have a stay, so if for any reason you wish to cancel with us and you have a stay coming up, you can log into your my.guardhog account and cancel the AUTOHOG agreement.

If you need further assistance with you, please contact us or call 0207 199 6610 and a Hero Hog will available to help.

We ask that you provide us with an average cost per night for your initial quotation. Once cover is in place, our system is smart enough to pick up dates throughout the year that you'll likely be charging more for, like new years eve, and the cost of cover will automatically increase or decrease to reflect these dates.

The schedule you receive before each stay will specify the premium for that stay and the cost of each stay can also be viewed by logging into your calendar.

Yes, we can. The account with us would be in the company's name.

You'll need to block out any times that you'll be staying in the property from your calendar to ensure you don't get any bookings. We urge you to use one of our block words if you can to prevent cover being put in place incorrectly.

Block words

Not available, Owner, Block, Unavailable, Hold, Maintenance, Home, Breathing, Landlord, Inspection, Keys, Churn, Lease, Cleaning, Cancel, Host, Away, Property

Please contact us or call 0207 199 6610 and a member of the team can look into the quote for you.

Yes, if for example, you let out two double bedrooms in your property on two separate listings, you will need two separate policies.

This is because you may only have one booking at a time and we wouldn't want you paying for cover when you don't have guests!


Yes, currently we can only offer HOMECOVER to those within the UK.
While HOMECOVER is sharing friendly, it does NOT include cover for your guests. To ensure your guests are covered, you'll need to purchase HOSTCOVER.

HOMECOVER protects your buildings and your contents while allowing you to share your home without any increase in premiums or extra endorsements. What we quote you is what you pay regardless of if there is a guest or not.

Whilst HOMECOVER is technically an annual insurance contract, there are no fees for cancelling the policy mid-year. We will send you notification of your renewal terms in good time before each anniversary of the policy.

Please contact us or call 0207 199 6610 and a member of the team can cancel the policy for you.


There's just a £50 excess on DEPOSITCOVER, and this doesn't come out of your £1,000 deposit if you need to make a claim!
It isn’t a necessity, but we do recommend it if you want to ensure you are covered for all insurable eventualities, no matter the value.
No underlying insurance is required to claim on DEPOSITCOVER.

No. If you buy DEPOSITCOVER then the excess on HOSTCOVER will be waived in the case of a claim. This excess would normally be £250.

If the claim is £1,500, for example, we would put in a claim for £1,000 of damage on DEPOSITCOVER and £500 on HOSTCOVER. You would only need to pay one excess of £50 in total.


Contact GUARDHOG as soon as possible, by phone or email, our claims team will support and guide you through the process of making a claim – their aim is to make things as smooth and as easy as possible for you.


Do not carry out any non-emergency work or dispose of any damaged items.

Take steps necessary to reduce the risk of further damage or loss.

Do not admit any liability or responsibility in connection with the damage or loss

Any pay-out you may receive from Airbnb would be deducted from any payment you may receive from your insurance policy.
You may be covered for loss of earnings for bookings accepted prior to the discovery of the loss.

In the first instance, it would be worth contacting the reviewer and/or the booking platform to see if anything can be done.

If you have HOMECOVER our legal assistance could help you with this.

If a guest does not admit the damage we will require evidence to support the damage occurring during their stay - you may need to report the damage to the police dependant on the circumstances.

Please refer to your policy schedule – dependant on your policy type a minimum claim limit may be applicable.

The minimum claim for HOSTCOVER is £1,000. We would always advise taking a deposit or buying DEPOSITCOVER to protect you against smaller losses.

Please refer to your policy schedule – your excess amount will be dependant on your policy type and feature of cover.
No, if you have taken the cover out as a host, then only your belongings are covered.
We would expect you to attempt to retain a deposit upon realisation of a loss or seek compensation from the guest.

We would expect you to seek compensation from the guest for the damage they have caused – if this is unsuccessful contact GUARDHOG as soon as possible.

We know that deposits can be a nightmare for super short lets, so we've developed a new product to help solve that problem - check out DEPOSITCOVER.

Contact GUARDHOG as soon as possible, do not admit any liability or responsibility as this could affect your ability to make a claim under your policy.

Once we understand the circumstances our claims team will do what they can to support you through the process.

Do not admit any liability or responsibility - contact the help team at GUARDHOG as soon as possible.

Once we understand the circumstances our claims team will do what they can to support you through the process.

Yes, as long as it can be proven that the burglary was directly attributable to the guests action or inactions.

If your claim has an element of malicious damage or theft, we would expect you to alert the police before making a claim with us.

The police will provide you with a crime reference number which will be a key part of settling any such claim, so the sooner you can get this, the better!

If damage occurs as a result of a party you were unaware of, it would need to be treated as malicious damage and a crime reference number would be required.

Remember for HOSTCOVER malicious and deliberate damage is not covered for a one-night booking. For DEPOSITCOVER theft is also excluded for one night bookings.

To date, our biggest claim payout is £100,000.
  1. Remember it could be a simple misunderstanding, we recommend first contacting the guest to give them the opportunity to put things right.
  2. Report the Theft to the police as soon as possible - without a crime reference number a claim for theft will not be considered.
  3. Contact GUARDHOG who will support and guide you through the next steps.
Please note that inventory shortages or unexplained disappearances are not covered.

We recommend regular checks in between bookings to ensure any damage or loss is recognised early and easily attributable to a specific guest or stay. Without this, it can make claiming more difficult however we will do all we can to assist you.

A record of each check, perhaps including photographs, will make it much easier to make a successful claim.

There is a high risk of damage occurring in your home during parties or events – we recommend excluding these on your listings.

However, if you decide to include parties and events then the cover is likely to be limited and we would recommend taking a much higher than usual deposit.