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Host cover

Why you need Host Insurance

For private homeowners and renters

Making money from renting out your home or property on platforms like Airbnb and is a ‘commercial activity’ which is not normally covered by home insurance. Most home insurers refuse to pay out on a claim for things that happened due to you having paying guests in your property.

For landlords

Host Insurance is also necessary for landlords doing ‘short-lets’ on properties that are not their own home. Super-short letting is a new type of landlord/renter relationship which doesn’t involve tenancy agreements, credit checks or references, so it’s not covered by traditional landlord policies.

In addition, super-short letting your home or property opens you up to a range of issues and liabilities that are not covered by a home insurance policy.

Platforms like Airbnb strongly encourage you to put your own insurance in place, and state clearly that the whole risk associated with renting out your property remains with you.

What can go wrong?

These are just a few examples of things that could go wrong:

  • A guest has an accident in your property and injures themselves
  • Guests have a party, ruining furniture and carpets
  • Guests leave a tap running and flood the flats below
  • A guest leaves a window open and you are burgled

All of these scenarios would be covered with GUARDHOG

Why choose GUARDHOG?


Backed by many of the world’s leading insurers, we’ve covered millions of nights of ‘hosting’ in properties ranging from castles to treehouses and boats to earth houses, establishing GUARDHOG as a market-leading force in the short-term rental market.


In addition to being insurance experts with a background in developing new products, our team consists of Airbnb super hosts, guests, house-sitters and home swappers. We know the problems and have developed the right products to solve them.


Our products are built to work for anyone that might need them. We offer various payment options and the ability to connect to our bespoke technology, ensuring cost effective cover is in place whenever you need it.

Whats Included

  • Malicious damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Deliberate damage
  • Theft
  • Liabilities

Criminal damage caused by the deliberate action or inaction of a guest. Including:

  • Unauthorised parties and events
  • Any criminal activity in the home e.g. the use of drugs
  • Any activity which is against the law

Sudden, unexpected and visible damage caused by a guest which has not been caused on purpose, such as: 

  • The bather overflowing and damaging rooms below
  • The house catching fire due to a candle being knocked over
  • Spilling red wine on a sofa or carpet

An action or inaction of a guest, which leads to loss of or damage to buildings or contents, which the guest is aware will cause damage and has been done on purpose, such as: 

  • Graffiti
  • Dancing on furniture causing breakage or damage
  • Smoking and burning a hole in furniture or carpet 

Theft or attempted theft caused or enabled by action or inaction of the guest, such as: 

  • Theft by a guest
  • Theft as a result of the guest leaving windows open or a door unlocked
  • Theft by someone the guest invited into the house

Bodily Injury (Public Liability):

  • Death, or physical injury as diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner, such as:
    • Falling down the stairs
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • tripping on garden paving

Home-sharing Liability:

  • Damages caused by a guest during a booking to neighbouring third-party properties, including communal areas, such as:
    • Flooding the flat below by over-flowing the bath
    • Smashing a window with a ball
    • Fire damage to neighboring flats due to the guest
    • Cigarette burns and wine stains from a party over-flowing into a stairway or communal hall

With a few bells and whistles also included…


Loss of income


Excessive use of utilities


Replacement keys and locks




Legal expenses

How does it work

Pay per stay

You only pay for the nights that guests stay at your property. We can link up with your iCalendar, (or multiple iCalendars if you use more than one booking platform), and then we will be notified of each and every booking that you have, allowing us to automatically provide cover avoiding you having to let us know about every booking you receive! This is best for hosts that only take a few bookings spread out throughout the year.


We can sign you up to a monthly rolling policy which will cover you for each and every stay during that month. You are not locked into this and can cancel at any time! This will work out more cost effective if you have a medium-high occupancy!


Alternatively, we can take a one-off payment which ensures you have cover in place for an entire year of sharing activity! This is the most cost-effective option for busy home sharers!

The small print

Please read our policy wording before you purchase HOSTCOVER.

Key Facts

  • We base your cover on your estimated buildings and contents sums insured on your current Home Insurance policy, or on £1.5 million buildings and £250k contents if you are unsure of your sums insured. 
  • This policy has no minimum claim limit.
  • This policy has an excess of £500.

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