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How it Works

Here at GUARDHOG, our experienced and knowledgeable team have designed and developed intuitive and innovative insurance products to help with setting up your home-sharing insurance policies whilst saving you time, money and stress.

Our insurance programs are built to be cost-effective whether you are a full-time host running a business or just doing it every now and then for some extra money. We offer pay-per-stay policies – meaning you only need to  pay for insurance when there is someone in your property, as well as monthly and annual cover.

Onboarding made easy

If you opt for the pay-per-stay option, don’t worry about having to inform us every time you have a new guest at your property! Our bespoke technology has been developed to connect to your calendars, so we get a notification when you have a stay booked allowing us to put cover in place automatically. 

If you use a management company, even less work for you! We can contact them and get your icalendar for you and start
syncing immediately.

Onboarding made easy

Add your insurance covers

We’ll automatically send you your policy documents, a schedule to confirm the dates of the stay and a notification that payment will be taken.

You have full access to your calendar on your dashboard meaning that you can add stays manually if you would prefer. Either way, you’re covered.

Go on Autohog and automate

Our platform does more than just put automatic cover in place. Once up and running you can view your policy reports and a range of other helpful reports, as well as download an annual tax statement.

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