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T: 0207 199 6610     E: info@guardhog.com


Home Insurance for Home Sharers

Home-sharing friendly insurance policies for hownowners and renters.


Definition: The cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property

Example: Damage caused by water and fire


Definition: The cost of replacing stuff that lives inside your home

Example: You’re burgled, something’s damaged in a fire – even replacing the food in your freezer if it breaks

Stuff (personal possessions)

Definition: The cost of replacing the stuff you carry around on a daily basis

Example: Your laptop gets stolen, you lose a piece of jewellery


Public liability

Definition: When the legal costs of helping you if someone has an accident or suffers an injury and you’re to blame

Example: A passerby gets hit from a falling roof tile

With a few bells and whistles

Home emergency

In case you or your guests need help

Legal cover

Best to avoid sticky situations but our legal
help will try and get you out of them

What type of hog are you?

Depending on your situation you’ll need insurance to cover your:

Home Owner

You own the property outright

–  Buildings

–  Contents

–  Stuff

–  Liability

From £25 per Month
Home Owner

You don’t own the property outright

– Contents

– Stuff

– Liability

From £15 per Month

You rent out the property full-time

– Buildings

– Contents

– Liability

From £15 per Month

You rent your home

– Contents

– Stuff

– Liability

From £5 per Month

How does it work

Monthly policies, no annual commitments

  1. Register and tell us about you and your home.
  2. We’ll tell you what the monthly cost will be.
  3. Sign up to our monthly direct debut and that’s it – you’re covered.

Helping you find the right cover for you…

Please read our policy wording before you purchase our cover.
We replicate you’re existing policy limits (so there is no drop in cover provided), and if you need help putting normal cover in place give us a call.
If we can’t automatically cover you then we’ll do everything we can to help’

Helping you share

Solving the sharing economy insurance problem
of hosts rent their real homes
of hosts have never been guests
Average tax free earnings p/host p/year
of hosts fear damage to their property

Here’s what our members say

  • I couldn’t be happier to have discovered GUARDHOG, they have taken away the stress and worry of insuring my home while having airbnb guests to stay and hosting paying guests.

    The team were incredibly helpful and reassuring and the website is straightforward and easy to use. Thank you so much!

    RB. London
  • At last, a simple, jargon free, on demand insurance for home sharers. Thank you GUARDHOG!

    AR. Somerset