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Key factors impacting your insurance quote

The greater the risk of loss and damage to your home and contents, the higher your insurance quote is likely to be.

Your premium is based on several factors relating to you, your home and the value of your items.

Where you live

It could be that you live in a city with a higher crime rate, a woodland area affected by tree roots or a rural location exposed to severe weather conditions.

Size of your house

If you live in a large house, the cost to have it rebuilt is likely to increase the buildings element of your quote.

How close you are to water

Due to a higher risk of flooding, homes near rivers or coastlines are generally more expensive to insure.

Age and property structure

The age of your property and materials used to build your house can have a huge impact on your quote. For example, wooded structures are particularly vulnerable to fire, termites and rot.

Your lifestyle

Factors like your age, whether you’re married with children, or if you’re away from home for long periods of time can all have an impact on your quote.

Materials on your roof

Common tile and slate roofs are easier to insure than those that are flat (vulnerable to burglars and weather damage).

Value of your contents

The more expensive your items are, the more it will cost you to get them insured.

Previous claims

Even if you’ve moved into a new house, your claims history is still taken into consideration. And not telling us could invalidate your policy.

Choose from monthly, annual or pay-as-you-go policies.