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Why you need Insurance

Home emergencies can occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have paying guests staying in your property when something goes wrong, it needs to be sorted out immediately – poorly handled emergencies will lead to bad reviews or expensive solutions. Sorting the problem can be extremely difficult because:

Finding an appropriate professional who is available can take hours or even days and requires you to be in a place where you can do research

For private hosts, if a home emergency occurs at a tricky time, e.g. in a work meeting, you might not be in a position to find the right professional

If you are abroad, guests may not be able to get hold of you quickly, and even if they do, sorting out a professional from abroad is difficult and could ruin your holiday

What can go wrong?

These are just a few examples of things that could go wrong:

All of these scenarios would be covered with GUARDHOG

Why choose GUARDHOG?


Backed by many of the world’s leading insurers, we’ve covered millions of nights of ‘hosting’ in properties ranging from castles to treehouses and boats to earth houses, establishing GUARDHOG as a market-leading force in the short-term rental market.


In addition to being insurance experts with a background in developing new products, our team consists of Airbnb super hosts, guests, house-sitters and home swappers. We know the problems and have developed the right products to solve them.


Our products are built to work for anyone that might need them. We offer various payment options and the ability to connect to our bespoke technology, ensuring cost effective cover is in place whenever you need it.

Whats Included

RESCUECOVER provides 24-hour call-out support for home emergencies that occur whilst you have guests staying. Either hosts or property managers can get in contact to request professional help.

Emergency repairs following damage to or failure of the plumbing and drainage system which:

Emergency repairs following the electricity failure of at least one complete circuit which:

Gas supply

Water supply


Emergency repairs following the complete breakdown of the primary heating system which:

Emergency repairs following an infestation as a result of the following pests being found in or attached to the home:

• Wasp nests
• Hornet nests
• House mice
• Field mice
• Rats
• Cockroaches

Home access


How does it work

Once you’ve given set up an account with us over the phone, you will have access to our 24 hour emergency call out service. 

Should there be a home emergency when you have guests to stay, your guests will be able to call on your behalf and we will send someone to mitigate the loss. 

The small print

Please read our policy wording before you purchase RESCUECOVER.

Key Facts

Please refer to your policy word for exclusion details and specific item limits

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